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1st ISO Processing ATM Vault Cash Services

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1st ISO Processing ATM Vault Cash Loading

1st ISO processing is a full-service provider of ATM and ATM added value services and solutions to financial institutions and retail establishments. Established in 1998, the company currently delivers the most advanced hardware, software and communications technologies to customers in over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

What is the actual cost?

It’s surprisingly simple! Once you’ve made the decision to use our cash management program, call us. We will email you a package which includes our agreement and a form to list the locations you would like us to stock. Depending on your processor, that may be all that’s required.
Cash can be in your ATM’s in as little as 7 days after your paperwork is received. Surcharge income is wired to your bank account monthly. Reports detailing your cash usage are e-mailed concurrently.

Monthly fees per ATM

  • 4 points over Prime Rate
  • $25 insurance on vault cash
  • .03 per transaction for cash management
  • Cost of armored courier – – approximately $80 per trip


  • Transactions Surcharge Per Transaction: $3.00
  • (500 trans x $3.00)
  • Total Income: $1,500.00
  • Cost of armored courier – – approximately $80 per trip


  • # of ATM Machines: 1
  • # of Transactions per ATM per Month: 500
  • Interest Rate on Cash Float Prime+4 8.5%
  • Amount of Cash Withdrawal per Trans: $60.00

Estimated Expense

  • Cash Interest on Float: $127.50
  • Insurance 25.00
  • Supplies 5.00
  • Cash Management Fee (0.03) 15.00
  • Location Fees 0
  • Total Expenses $252.50

Estimated Profits

  • Net monthly profit: $1,247.50
  • Annual Net Profit: $14,970.00
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