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Genmega GT3000 Kiosk

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The Genmega GT3000 Kiosk delivers top-of-the-line security and protection for outdoor ATMs. This drive-up/walk up ATM enclosure is ideal for locations with heavy traffic and/or those that are either entirely unmonitored or only monitored during certain hours. The GT3000 is perfect for use in parking lots, drive-through lanes, financial institutions, outside convenience stores, stadiums, or any place an ATM security enclosure is needed.

Fabricated from solid 1/4 in. steel plate construction, this ATM enclosure is expertly engineered and designed to keep your ATM safeguarded against theft, vandalism and other external elements, including weather. Its sleek, stylish design will help attract customers while the heavy duty outdoor construction will ensure maximum security at all times.

As with our other ATM enclosure products, the GT3000 Kiosk is completely customizable. Choose from various lighting options to increase visibility, enhanced weather protection features and your choice of powder-coated color. You can even include optional air conditioning or space heater for optimum customer comfort.

  • Features 1/4 in. base plate
  • 3 tier locking system
  • Powder-coated to your choice of stock powders
  • Included ATM letter decals on both sides
  • Enhanced features: optional A/C and/or space heater option.
  • Available side door entry
  • Approximate weight: 600-1,000 lbs., depending on options
  • Dimensions: 42 in. x 42 in. x 62 in. (without topper)

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