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We offer ATM machines, ATM Processing, ATM Sales, ATM Placement Services, or you can even buy an ATM as an ATM Distributor. ATM Processing is offered FREE to merchants and Distributors throughout the USA and Canada. ATM Sales are at our wholesale prices. ATM Placement Services are available for any high traffic location. Having an ATM machine in your business not only will save you the money you spend on credit card processing, but you also make money off of having an ATM machine in your business! 

ATM Processing - How much should it really cost for ATM processing transactions

How much should it really cost for ATM processing? In a perfect world, it would cost nothing. However, ATM machines cost money. Without the charge for ATM processing, there would be no way to reimburse the people who are out the costs. And no one wants to be out the costs without some kind of return for it. However, you should try to find an equal price so that people will continue to use your machine and you will begin or continue to make a profit for your machine.

When you decide to go into business or make some extra money with ATM processing, you should first decide if you want to own, lease or rent. You should then consider any additional costs for owning and maintaining your own ATM machine. This should include any costs for periodic maintenance, time spent on the machine, and any costs that you will need to pay to any outside parties. The costs of owning and maintaining an ATM machine will vary from owner to owner. You just take into account the costs that you may incur.

After you figure out how much cost you will incur on a regular basis, you should decide on a possible scenario for how much your machine will be used. The first step in doing this is surveying the traffic around your machine. There is one thing to consider when you are choosing a location to put your ATM machine. One thing to make sure is that people will realize that your ATM machine is there. No one can use a machine that they don't know exists. Make sure you place the ATM in a highly visable area near the front of the location. Never put an ATM in the back of a location even if you have great ATM signs.

If you are putting your ATM machine, such as a Genmega ATM, in a place that has a lot of traffic, especially foot traffic, the likelihood of people using your machine increases. Also, if there is a reason why people in the area around your machine would need extra money, the transactions are likely to increase. All of these factors are important because when more people use your machines, you can afford to charge them less.

After you figure out what reasonable pricing with the competition seems to be, see if you can meet or beat it. However, you still have to keep the charge high enough to make a profit. But if you charge less and more people come, you still have the potential to make more. This is the whole point of competitive pricing.

When you are pricing your transaction fees, you should compare your fee to the competition's, especially if any other machines are in a close proximity. No one will use your machine if they are charged more at yours than at the one around the corner. However, even if yours is the only machine for miles and miles, you shouldn't charge way more than other machines. People will then use your machine only in emergencies in that case.

The main point that you should remember when pricing your ATM machine's processing transaction, is to charge enough to cover your routine costs and make a profit without going above the competition's pricing. If you can't do this, don't buy one.

When you purchase or lease a Wholesale ATM From 1st ISO Processing , you get to select your surcharge amount. Every time a customer uses your ATM machine, you keep 100% of all the surcharge revenue profits. Your customers can make withdrawals on your ATM by using a debit card or a credit card, and can also check their balances on the ATM. You get to select what denomination you use in your ATM.  Wholesale ATMs are also a draw into your business. If someone walks by your business, they may come in just to use your ATM machine. When the customer takes money out of your ATM machine, the cash retention rate is 35-40%. That means that someone using your ATM machine will spend 35-40% of the money they just took out of the ATM machine and spend it inside your business. You’re bringing in new customers to your business all thanks to your ATM machine! 

How important is the ATM machine price?

  • Take time to compare ATM prices, but don't necessarily look only at price. More importantly, make sure that you have an "apples to apples" comparison of the ATM machines you consider. While ATMs are by and large the same mechanically, there are some important differences. For example, does the ATM you are considering buying have a removable cash cassette? This is an important upgrade that you should consider. Removable cassettes are more reliable, and also less expensive to repair, if repair is ever needed. This is a very important upgrade that if you don't pay for now, you will certainly pay for it later. 
  • Is the ATM machine you are considering EMV ready? EMV is a standard demanded by the 
           card networks to improve card security. Small computer chips are imbedded within many debit 
           cards today, and many more in the future. Special card readers are available for ATMs today that can read these 
           new card readers are available right now for a slight upgrade fee, and are mandatory on all ATMs by the end of 2015.

ATM Distributors - Why ATM distributors must be there before and after the sale

Why must ATM distributors be there for clients both before and after the sale? The answer is simple:
Good customer service - before AND after the sale - brings about repeat customers and referrals. And remember, the customer is a powerful person. If the customer has one bad experience, you can believe he or she will tell any and everyone who will listen about it. If you are trying to build a good business; bad experiences will kill it faster than anything else ever could.

Stay on top of customer service - It begins before the sale

If you call, write or email about your interest in an ATM distributor program, make sure the company follows up as quickly as possible. If you ask questions, they should be answered. If they don't know the correct answer, they should say so. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything. As a matter of fact, you will probably trust the company more if they answer a question with an honest "I don't know, but let me find out and get back with you by the end of the day." If they give you a time limit, make sure they honor it. But if they can't find the answer you need by the mentioned deadline, call back to inquire and make sure all your questions are answered. Just be honest, and you will get your business relationship with the ATM company off to a great start.

Now that you have chosen an ATM company and bought your ATM product or services, the work does not stop. You must still work to keep your ATM customers satisfied, even if your company is small and you have to deal with a lot of other business issues. Keep in touch with the ATM company.

When it comes right down to it, they are the people you have to communicate with. They sold you the product. Usually you can call a service representative personally if you ever have any trouble with customer service or repair departments for your ATM machine. Let them know that while you don't anticipate any problems, you'll be in touch if you do run into any such as in the case you need ATM parts and or an ATM sign.. With that said, make sure the ATM company you choose follows up on your concerns and gets back to you in a timely manner. If you've been trying to reach someone from tech support but can't seem to get through a busy switchboard, make sure someone takes your phone number and ask someone from tech support to give you a call. Even if it takes tech support a while to solve your problem, you will be impressed if you get results from them. This is how business relationships are built.

If you want to build your business, service both before and after the sale is of utmost importance. Don't slack on either aspect. A satisfied customer is a long-term customer. When a satisfied customer tells other people about his or her great experience with you and your company, it's better than any type of advertising you could ever invest in.

ATM Business - How to get in on the ATM machine business phenomenon

One of the first things you should realize before you dole out the cash to get an ATM business off the ground is that simply having the ATM machine isn't going to do you a bit of good. The person who has a dozen ATM machines in the garage is no more in the ATM business than the person with no ATM machines at all. So what does it take to get an ATM business started?

The three most important rules of real estate apply to the ATM business opportunity. It's all about location, location and (of course) location. If you have poor positioning for your ATMs, you'll probably not do much better than if you had them in your garage. So the first step is not only to find the machines, but to decide what you're going to do with them once you have them. Some ATM manufacturing companies offer help finding locations, and some ATM franchise companies offer help finding the machines. Which way you start is merely a point of personal preference.
If you choose a franchise, keep in mind that there are likely to be some franchise rules you'll be expected to follow. The extent of these rules will depend on the franchise because there is no typical franchise contract. Each franchise parent company sets rules for themselves, and those decisions are up to the franchiser as long as they don't violate any rules governing the use of ATM machines.
Franchises do often offer one major benefit in the form of support. A franchise parent company may very well be able to train you in the management of your ATM business, down to bookkeeping and maintenance of machines.

The reliability of your ATM machines will depend largely on your manufacturer 

Some are simply at the top of game in this sector while others aren't. We highly recommend Genmega ATMHyosung ATM and Triton ATM. You may find that the cheapest source of ATM machines isn't the best source. 

Here's why reliability is such an important factor in your effort to start an ATM business.

If a consumer is headed to an ATM machine, it's probably because he or she needs cash. It may be for an impulse purchase or for an emergency car repair - but the fact remains that the person is looking for money. If your ATM machine isn't working on that particular day (or worse, malfunctions mid-transaction), that person will probably be able to go to another ATM machine to get the cash they need. You've lost the profit from that particular transaction. But worse, you've probably lost future transactions because that person is going to remember your ATM as the one that didn't work, and won't even bother to stop there next time.

After choosing the manufacturer and locations for your ATM business, you've still got some hurdles to clear. You'll have to set up a routine of servicing machines (whether you do it yourself or hire it to be done). You need to have a regular maintenance program in place, and to have a plan for when problems occur.

Setting up an ATM business isn't a process that's going to be completed and off the ground in an hour or two, but just take a look at the number of successful ATM businesses in existence. This is an endeavor that's likely to be well worth your time, effort and financial investment.

GENMEGA ATM Machines - Cash To Go

For more than two decades, GENMEGA ATM has been making self-service technology that works. It's this commitment to excellence that's made GENMEGA a popular option when it comes to ATM machines.One of the reasons people use ATM machines at all is convenience. Every single thing you can do to add to that convenience increases the potential that your ATM will be profitable. That means that you may very well need to check out GENMEGA ATM machines to see what innovations make these even more convenient.

Maybe you're not even looking for a network of ATMs, but are looking for a way to make your existing business more profitable. Think an ATM can't help? One of the innovations that emerged from GENMEGA ATM is the combination ATM and ticketing kiosk. Just consider the problem some people face at movie theaters. It's not until they arrive that they realize that they don't have enough cash for movie tickets. They may very well scramble around to find an ATM machine, or they may simply go to a video store that will accept their credit or debit card and take their evening's entertainment home - unless you can make it easy to overcome this problem.With a combination ATM and ticketing kiosk from GENMEGA, you can. What can be easier than using the ATM machine to pay for the desired tickets AND get enough cash for popcorn and a soft drink? This is just one of the many options you'll get with Genmega ATM machines.

You'll find GENMEGA ATM machines that offer coin exchange and check cashing capabilities as well as bill payment kiosks and bill payment kiosk- all designed to help you provide a wider array of services for your customers. And everyone knows that the additional services translate to higher profit margins.

But just as is true with any technology, the needs don't start and stop with the ATM machine, even if it is at the top of the game. You have to find several ways to attract customers. Genmega ATM machines are built to be located in a variety of situations, including "through the wall" models. You'll also find an array of signs, stickers and other accessories to help you attract those necessary customers, and even a surge protector to help protect your investment from an electrical surge that could put your ATM out of commission - resulting in lost profits for you and a loss of confidence from your customers.

GENMEGA is headquartered in California. The company touts the installation of more than 60,000 ATM machines of various capabilities. If you've been thinking about the possibilities of an ATM machine, or just hoping to add to your current ATM network, take a look at what Genmega has to offer.

Hyosung ATM Machines - When You Can't Wait to Get Started

Have you been thinking about the potential income possibilities of ATM machines and thinking you'd like to get in on that action? Do you immediately follow that thought with the recognition that you can't possibly afford to buy those machines outright? Take a look at HYOSUNG ATM machines, and then look at the company's affordable lease-purchase options. You may find that you're closer to being ready to start a lucrative ATM business than you thought.

You can choose from the very basic HYOSUNG ATM machines to the Hyosung 5000 with multi-media capabilities. This particular machine can meet the demands of today's complicated transactions. For example, the 5000 can serve as a very basic ATM, completing cash transactions with a minimum of bother. But you may be missing out on a very important customer base by not offering check cashing. The 5000 can take care of those customers who need to cash specific kinds of checks as well.

The wide-screen monitor can be used for advertising - another potential source of income. Or you can offer up short entertainment clips to play as your customers wait for their transactions to be completed. Think that's pretty incredible? Your customers will too, especially when they find out they can purchase various tickets and even pay for travel arrangements, all through this one handy location.

If you think service of your ATM machine is important, you're right. Hyosung recognizes both that service is sometimes required and that you may prefer your own service technician over Hyosung service providers. If that's the case, you can quickly order and track parts through the company's website. Just choose the parts you need and place your order. If you wonder where the part is, when it was mailed or when it's due to arrive to you, just go back to the website and check the status of the part. It's all designed to help your business be as profitable as possible.

Security is always an issue and Hyosung ATM machines have been at the cutting edge of technology for many years with security-minded machines. After creating the technology designed to deter would-be robbers, Hyosung moved right on to offer the first dial-up ATM available to the general public. These ATM machines are also very compact so that they'll fit in the smallest imaginable space, all aimed at what the company calls "low cost, high reliability" technology. When you consider Hyosung 's commitment to developing new ideas, you can probably imagine yourself as part of this winning team. This company is based in California and produces a variety of self-service machines, such as ATMs.

ATM Cabinets - Need an ATM Cabinet, or an ATM enclosure, or an ATM kiosk? 

we have a huge selection for the most popular ATM cabinets on the market. To see more, go to our ATM Cabinet page.

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